At the Interview

At this stage the potential employer has seen something in your CV that makes them believe you may be the right individual for the job.  The interview is your opportunity to confirm that view but also to ascertain whether the job is right for you.

Our suggestions for attending the interview:

-      Be punctual.  Make sure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the agreed time.  To arrive late reflects badly on the importance you place on the interview as well as your ability to organise your time effectively.

-      Smart Dress.  Wherever you are attending interview you should always wear smart, professional business attire, even if the organisation you are meeting with have a normally relaxed dress code.  Remember that interviewers may well make judgements based on the clothes you wear, so create the right impression from the outset.

-      Conduct.  You should try to be confident and relaxed – but not too confident and not too relaxed!  Be honest with your answers and avoid the temptation to exaggerate.  You should demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards the role.

-      Ask questions.  To give yourself the best chance of success you will want to demonstrate that you are interested in the role and the company.  To do this you should ask relevant questions, which ideally you will have prepared in advance.

-      Be clear.  Leave the interviewer in no doubt about your enthusiasm for the role.  Don’t be afraid to ask whether they consider you suitable and make it clear how much you want the job.


Good Luck.