If you’re looking to recruit the very best IT personnel, then you’ll need to appoint the very best IT Recruiters.

Our extensive candidate database coupled with more than 30 years experience of the IT recruitment market mean that you’re already in the best place.

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Hiring IT contractors for short term peaks in workflow or for help with specific projects can be time-consuming and costly.

In most cases, it’s also quite risky since the experience of the contractor does not always live up to the promise made by the CV.

At CPC, we insist on doing things the right way. That means that unlike a lot of our competitors, rather than race to get a number of unqualified CVs in front of you, we stop and take the time to speak to each of our chosen contrcators to ensure they are both interested and suitable for your asiignment.

It costs no more for this extra level of personalised service.

Contractors, have you ever received a call from an agency trying to set up an interview for an assignment you knew nothing about?

Sadly, it’s more common now than ever, as many agencies fail to qualify your interest in a position before submitting your details to their clients.

At CPC, we put your interests and confidentiality first. This means that we’ll always let you know where your CV is being sent – and that only happens when we’ve taken the time to call you and describe the opportunity and make sure that it involves the kind of work you’re able to do.

We know this is what you’d probably expect, but unfortunately, it’s not how the majorty of agencies operate.

Looking for your next IT career move or just another job?

There is a difference and you’ll find that with most agencies, your CV is treated like confetti, with commission-hungry sales people blasting your private, personal information indiscriminately to any number of potential employers – whether they have vacancies or not.

At CPC, we deal with interested in advancing their careers, not just their pay packets.

We take extra care to protect your privacy by only submitting your application to companies that we have identified to you beforehand and where we’ve identified and discussed a real vacancy with you to make sure it suits your current aspirations.

There’s a better way to finding your ideal job – it’s called CPC Recruitment Ltd.